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In a poll conducted by Indianapolis Monthly magazine, Indianapolis' psychiatric care community voted Buckingham & Associates one of the area's finest psychiatric facilities. We are pleased and proud to be considered so highly by our peers.

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The Society For Neuroscience explains the connections between depression and stress and offers a look at how how the brain processes humor.

Psychologists Now Know What Makes People Happy
The once-fuzzy picture of what makes people happy is coming into focus as psychologists no longer shun the study of happiness. Read more...

Scientists Find Molecular Path to Fear
Researchers report they have discovered a unique molecular pathway in the brain involved in regulating fear, a finding that could lead to improved treatments for anxiety and other psychiatric disorders. Read more...

Because the medical community continues to seek new and better treatments, there is a constant source of helpful information available. We encourage you to learn as much as possible by providing links to the latest news on behavioral health.

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