David Buckingham, PhD, HSPP
Susan Whitten, LCSW
Mark Williams, LCSW, LMHC, LMFT
Michelle Turner, LCSW
Bridget Greulach, LCSW
Betsy Anton, LMHC
Kaye Holcomb, LCSW
Verna Blackwell, Practice Mgr


8202 Clearvista Parkway, Suite 6A
Indianapolis, IN 46256
Phone 317/288.9942
Fax 317/288.9945

For nearly 25 years, Dr. David Buckingham has provided behavioral health care within the Primary Care setting to ease the stigma associated with mental health treatment. It has meant improved access to quality behavioral health care, and synergistic and collaborative relationships with primary and specialty care physicians, allowing for an integrated bio-psycho-social approach to healthcare.

In this world of managed care, our staff participate in most health care networks in the Central Indiana region, allowing us to provide the highest quality, most affordable services possible.